Training and consalting center

1. Shooting drills for a single soldier and units of various service branches taking into consideration their specifics, using all types of hand weapons, including elaboration of guidelines and training programs for basic firearms drills, tactical and firearms drills as well as tactical and shooting drills.

2. Shooting and tactical drills for a single soldier and a unit: forest, mountainous/forest and mountainous terrain, open terrain or a settlement, based on a conceptually new approach to the use of the main hand weapons including shooting and tactical tasks at night, under poor or zero lighting conditions.

3. New approaches to application of tactical (front-line) and army aviation, machines and weapons of the ground forces and units of battalion tactical units in an offensive operation or active defense.

4. Shooting and tactical activities during an open attack of sea and river ships as well as seacoast fortifications and facilities from the sea by marine units based on non-conventional applications of standard weapons.

5. Shooting and tactical activities of a reconnaissance and combat group involved in an ambush and an ambush raid without correlation with the conventional (academic) force ratio, on non-conventional applications of hand arms.

6. Special shooting and tactical drills for a single soldier and a special operations unit including training programs for military authorities protection.

7. Shooting and tactical drills of assault engineer troop units using standard weapons including elaboration of recommendations for operational tactics and personnel outfit.

8. Elaboration of methodological approaches to increasing action dynamics of motorized infantry units, marine units and paratroopers.